The Benefits

The Artists Agents know how to negotiate consumer product licensing deals. This means pitching, promoting, closing deals, managing product development, auditing royalty revenues, managing contract breaches and fostering the growth of a brand.

If any of the following ring true for you then you should consider the benefits of an Agent:

  • I could not be bothered promoting my art.  I just want to create it and pay my bills
  • I love just staying in my studio or at my computer for weeks and not have to talk to anyone
  • I hate conflict.  Negotiating terrifies me and rather just sign a deal and assume I am all ok
  • Contracts are overwhelming.  I get too confused and stressed and don’t know how to manage them
  • I hate presenting.  I am shy and gentle and the thought of having to throw myself out there is scary
  • I can get more deals through an agent than on my own
  • I don’t take rejection well.  I would prefer not to receive feedback on my creations and if you like them then we can chat
  • I have been burned before when I attempted to license on my own

Sometimes is just makes sense to align with a business that has the opportunities available to take your works into a new category.  Our job is to work alongside retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and buyers to provide on-trend product opportunities to sell great product.